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Blogging on the road to the Louisville Triple Crown of Running

Apr 2, 2007

10 miler and beyond

I have been busy the past couple of weeks. I had a new nephew born right before the City run, along with various other projects, had cut into my preparation time for the Papa John's 10 miler.

I was planning on getting to run Iroquois Park at least once before the race, but never made it. So the race day came. My goal was 1 hour 40 minutes. The first 4 miles was no problem, I stayed around a 9 minute pace. Felt good, then came the park and the hills. During the firt hill I realized I should have at least ran through the park once to know what to expect. One of the lessons I learned from the Rodes City Run was to take the water that is offered around every 2 miles, I became very dehydrated during the City Run. I believed thuis helped me out in this run.

Arounf mile 5 I getting some pretty bad cramps in my side, so I had to slow down along with the hills. The mile between 5 and 6 was pretty difficult for me. It had to be my slowest mile in quit some time. Then we exited the park. My legs felt like they dead running back up Southern Parkway. I was definitly on a slower pace going back than heading toward the Park.

The cruel thing in the last mile is right after the 9 mile marker, you have the overpass on Central Avenue that pretty steep to climb after running for 9 miles, but onec you get running down hill I started to pick up steam. My side was starting to hurt. My stomach was rolling, my right knee was starting to ache, then I entered the Stadium, All of a suden I got a little bit rush of steam at the end and felt energized. I finished the race in 1 hour 43 minutes and 36 seconds, about 3 1/2 minutes over my goal, but not too bad for my first 10 miler. It gives me a mark to beat next year.

Now it is on the the Mini-Marathon April 28th.

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I've never been considered an athlete; I didn't compete in sports in high school or college. I just started running in August 2006 as a fun way to keep healthy and stay in shape after losing 55 pounds. I've run in three races since then: the Race for the Cure 5K and the Outrunning Autism 5K in October and the Snowman Shuffle 4 Mile in January.

I'm currently training with the Running 101 group at Fleet Feet Sports, preparing for my first Triple Crown of Running. My goal is to finish each race. I also plan to run in the Kentucky Derby Festival miniMarathon.

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