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Blogging on the road to the Louisville Triple Crown of Running

Feb 2, 2007

The Rookie

Just before Christmas, I decided to buy my first pair of shoes that I bought just for running. Before hand I thought a "tennis" shoe was a "tennis" shoe. In my head I though how much of a difference can It make? I can answer that now, a lot. It surprised my how much better my feet feel after I run in the running shoes. I would recommend going to a running store, so they can help you choose the right shoe for your stride.

Another thing that I found out from talking to other runners is the advantage of the technical shirts and socks vs. cotton. Your skin does breath better and also does not hold the moisture in the fabric. I was amazed at the difference. I know for a lot of experienced runners this is old news, but for me it was a revelation.

I started my training program with Fleet Feet the second week in January. The first Saturday morning run from the store was my first with the group. We ran to Cherrokee Park and back for
about a 2 mile run. It was not really a bad day for January, mid to upper 40's. So the run wasn't really that bad. I felt pretty energized about the run. So much so That I decided to do the Snowman Shuffle the next week.

My friend John and myself decided to run in the race. Waking up as early as I do during the week to go to work, I headed out to the race. It was in the mid-20's. We were asking ourselves, "Is this sane?" My past two races in October were under better conditions. AThen the race began. This was the first time, any hills were in my runs. I was felling pretty good most of the race. I was doing a pretty good pace. I started to slow down going up the first hill, but I did it just fine. It was until the last hill going back up to Hogan's Fountain, we I had to walk for about a minute. Then I shaw the gazebo at the top of the hill, and I pushed myself up the hill. Finished the race in 37:07, 239th place. I was very pleased with that time. I was aiming for somewhere between 40 and 45 minutes. So exceeded my own expectations. After the race the conclusion between my friend and myself that this was totally worth it.

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About Me

I've never been considered an athlete; I didn't compete in sports in high school or college. I just started running in August 2006 as a fun way to keep healthy and stay in shape after losing 55 pounds. I've run in three races since then: the Race for the Cure 5K and the Outrunning Autism 5K in October and the Snowman Shuffle 4 Mile in January.

I'm currently training with the Running 101 group at Fleet Feet Sports, preparing for my first Triple Crown of Running. My goal is to finish each race. I also plan to run in the Kentucky Derby Festival miniMarathon.

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